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Whatever your requirements for a Bulletproof Vehicle are, you can be assured of our experience within the industry providing security and protection services on a daily basis. Our services extend to Heads of State, Government & Diplomatic Personnel and Royal Families.

Bulletproof Cars and our specially trained Security Drivers also provide necessary protection for CEO’s, Company Directors and Media Personalities in this ever changing environment that we regularly find ourselves in these days.

Bulletproof Vehicle Expertise

CJL Executive have been working in the bulletproof security vehicle industry since 2001. In that CJL Executive have continually exceeded the the expectations of its clientele, delivering a first class service on each and every assignment.

Whether providing a single transportation solution and security personnel for a principle, or providing several vehicles to accommodate family members or other individuals, we strive to deliver a premium service on every occasion. We also offer auxiliary transportation solutions including Luxury Saloons and MPV’s allowing you to handle all your vehicular requirements through a single provider.

Skilled Security Chauffeur Services

The quality of the service provided relies on the skill, knowledge and expertise of the Security Chauffeur. All CJL Executive Security Drivers are VIP Protection professionals, being Metropolitan Police trained, from specialised Military Units or have a Government background and specialists in their respective fields. Understanding modern day threats means all CJL security drivers have appropriate responses whether collecting from an airfield, place of work or home residence.

UK & International Bulletproof Car Services

Whilst based primarily in London, Bulletproof Car Hire and the respective Security Driver Services and Close Protection Officers are available throughout mainland Europe.

We aim to ensure our clients feel relaxed and are able to go about their regular daily lives and routines, wherever that may take them without concern for their personal safety or that of family members or associates.

For more details on our Bulletproof Car Hire Services and our Security Chauffeur Drivers, please complete the form or contact us using any of the following details.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will be able to assist you and provide you with answers to all your questions.

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